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Forty years ago Joost Zyderveld radically changed the course of the company he founded. Moving from the oil business into real estate, ZOM embarked on a new path of discovery. Over the years, we have often taken the road less travelled, doing things in a different way, or doing something new altogether. Through this process of innovation and discovery in the apartment space, the concept of ZOM Living has emerged as a passion and a driving force in the company.

The transition to new ownership in the late 1990s further stoked our desire to do things differently. Hans van Veggel inspired us to think big, and out of the box, and out of our comfort zones. Inspired design elements and more thoughtful living spaces stirred emotion in our customers and ultimately created more value in our projects.

Our Mission

ZOM creates unique real estate environments. We maximize value by designing innovative spaces, exceeding the expectations of our customers, and building trust with our stakeholders. Our objective is to deliver an unparalleled style of living, inspired by our passion for creativity, quality and value creation. We continuously strive to research, deliver and market ZOM Living in a manner that preserves the environment and protects our competitive advantage. Our success is the product of a diversified team of well trained and talented people committed to delivering a ZOM style of living in thoughtfully selected markets. We recruit and retain our associates by providing a professionally rewarding environment for those who rise to the challenge.

Our Vision

Discovery is a process not an event, and our work is not finished. We long for fresh ideas and new ways of thinking about our world and our craft in order to deliver a new generation of ZOM Living. We are grateful to our residents, shareholders, employees, and capital partners, each of whom has played an important role in our journey. We hope you will consider living with us.